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. >> at least a fairly clear day tomorrow. >> and thank you, gwen. >> a gruesome find in south texas. rangers keep discovering dead bodies on several properties and it's starting to spread texas police way too thin. casey segal explains tonight. >> reporter: for years, ranchers across the u.s.-mexico border shared concerns about illegal activity happening on their land. we're talking about humans, weapons, and drugs being smuggled across their private property that now some say this they're seeing a gruesome twist. illegal immigrants dieing on their property as they make a trek across the rough and hot and rugged terrain n. brooks county, texas, 64 bodies turned up last year and officials say they're on track to go past 100 this year. the sheriff's department there has nine deputies responsible for patrolling an area nearly two times the size of los angeles. and. >> this is quite a task. quite challenging. every day is a new challenge. >> reporter: officials estimate the cost at about $1,500 per investigation for a department that has a total operating budget of $484,000 for the entire year.
obama's healthcare overhaul. >> and police in texas arrest a criminal using a wendy's drive through for more than just fast food. what the man was sneaking into customers' bags that is getting him locked up for decades. that and much, much more coming up on the news at 10. at 10.  . >>> governors from all over the country are in virginia tonight. they're here for a three-day bipartisan national governor's association meeting. one of the hot topics is the federal healthcare reform plan. peter deucey has more. >> reporter: more than half of america's governors are here in williamsburg, about 2 1/2 weeks after the supreme court said there won't be a penalty for any state that has a governor and who decides not to expand their medicaid programs under the affordable care act. some state executives here say they glad that they'll be able to opt out if they want to, since there is some concern about what their tab will be in three years when the federal government the figure stops paying the medicade expansion. >> if you want us to expand medicaid and you noon going to give us the abilit
is used to it because it was similar in texas that he had to handle the media. he does handle it well. he never talks about himself. as many things that are happening to him, his commercials, his new deal, he always says it's not about me, it's about the team and he feels like he has to earn their respect. >> this town is not baylor, texas. >> there were about 50 people out there today. i'm not sure he has had 50 people, we'll see. >> the questions get tough, too. thank you, lindsey. something new that the skins fans may see this season. advertising at fedex field parking lot. the prince georges county council approved a measure yesterday that allowed the team to place advertising on its signs. normally businesses are not allowed to do this, but the council made an exception. all the money generated from the signs go to the team. not the county. >>> coming up next, questions about campaign corruption continue to dog d.c. mayor, vincent gray. and later, have you heard of a diploma mill? colleges that sell phd's, and three local professors got their degrees from a diploma mill. [ male an
who say this is the worse drought the state has seen in a decade. in texas they're having the opposite problem. >> it's kind of incredible. we've had about a week's worth of rain. just every day it's been rain, rain, of single morning. >> reporter: the rain refusing to let up around houston. the rising water is a growing concern for homeowners. >> i don't have flood insurance and i just bought the house, but so far we're okay even though down the street they're flooded. in. >> reporter: forecasters say the heavy rain which fell across the gulf coast and southeast will shift towards the tennessee and ohio valleys today and tomorrow. several inches of rain and flash flooding will be possible with the heaviest downpours. in new york anna coyman, fox news. >> shawn, we had that kind of heavy downpour here tuesday night when we had flash flooding in the bloomingdale avenue along rhode island avenue. what we will watch is that potential for the weekend. let me show you behind me this is a doppler estimation of how much rain has fallen. to give you some idea you're looking at the reaus ther
kidnapped. >>> now to the campaign trail, president obama headed to the red state of texas today. fox's craig boswell has more on the road to the white house. >> they were separated by more than a thousand miles, but president obama and mitt romney landed plenty of verbal jabs. slammed his republican rivals. >> he invested, made money investing in companies that had been called pioneers of outsourcing. >> the obama campaign accuses him of misusing his ten tenure. he is raising money in texas. >> my opponent thought it was a good idea to let detroit go bankrupt. >> mitt romney hit the stage in pennsylvania and came out swinging, too. >> he is out of ideas. he's got no new ideas for getting the economy going. he has no one new to blame. he is out of touch with what's happening in the country and that's why in november, we're going to put him out of office. >> the presumed republican nominee continued to accuse the president of political favoritism that also led to outsourcing. >> i'm ashamed to say that we are seeing our president hand out money to the businesses of campaign con
: talk about padilla and teixeira, they were teammates with texas in '06 and '07. here comes a 1-2 pitch. strike three called. one on, one out. first out of the eighth inning. mortensen comes back after the walk with a strikeout. when padilla would hit guys while pitching for the rangers, those other teams would retaliate by hitting the rangers' best hitter named mark teixeira. at one point teixeira went up to padilla, said, hey, knock it off. unless you want to stand in there and get hit. >> tim: which doesn't happen in the american league because of the dh. >> joe: i'm getting drilled because you're hitting batters. he didn't. then they faced each other in '09. teixeira's first year with the yankees. padilla was pitching for the phillies. teixeira took padilla deep in the first two at-bats of the game, and then padilla drilled teixeira. >> tim: hitting three times in 17 at-bats. >> joe: last night padilla was on the mound and mark teixeira got him for a two-run triple in the seventh inning. big part of that 10-8 win for the yankees on friday night. here's a base hit to left off the bat
home in el paso, texas. the character of george jefferson first appeared in all in the family. hemsley was 74 years old. >>> american idol's announcement singer mariah cary will be a judge next season is getting favorable reactions. fox's william lajeunesse has the latest. . >> reporter: the world of entertainment is abuzz over the news that powerhouse female vocalist mariah cary will join the judges panel for season 12 of american idol. some former contestants are upset she wasn't there when they had their turn on stage. >> i think a lot of us are angry because she's a big role model and is coming in this year. it's exciting for them, but oh, my god, i wish she there was when we were there. >> i was so upset. everything happens for a reason and hopefully i'll get to go back to the set and get to meet her. >> reporter: from idol to glee, the general consensus is carey will do great. >> i'm a huge fan. that album butterfly helped me get my chops. like i practiced with that countless times. >> she's definitely going to bring class and comedy. i love watching her interviews. she's so p
the texas heat for the d.c. humidity. think he feels that way now? it's only the first day of camp and robert is getting high praise from his teammates. >> he has a natural leadership which i've been really impressed with. he has the ability to command an offense, command a meeting room. it's contagious, his attitude and i think he's a terrific addition for us. >> his personality, his aura about himself is one of great leadership, qualities, just some of the things he does, you know, that rookies don't generally, do you know, getting the guys together in waco. that's big time. >> he's a competitor like a couple of us are and like the most of us are. that's not good enough for him. that's just where it begins. when he steps on that practice field, he's a player, he's a leader of our team and that's 0 we need him to be and that's what -- what we need him to be and that's what he expects himself to be. >> same drill tomorrow, walk- through in the morning and practice at 3 p.m. if it gets too hot, they can move to the bubble, but i'm thinking if he didn't move to the bubble today, it's
of texas punch a few key strokes into this computer. >> two, one, capture. >> reporter: the drone goes wildly off course now receiving instructions not from gps, but from a transmitter that sends false signals to the drone's navigation system, a so-called spoofer. the effect is so dramatic a safety pilot with the radio control has to save the drone from crashing. >> spoofing a gps receiver on a uav is just another way of hijacking a plane. >> reporter: if that sounds shocking, it's because it is. with this experiment humphries illuminated a gaping hole in the government's plan to open up u.s. airspace to gps guided drones. >> in five or 10 years we've got 30,000 drones in the national airspace, each one of these could be a potential missile to be used against us. >> reporter: until now gps guided drones have been limited mostly to the battlefield in places like iraq, afghanistan and yemen or patrolling our southern border. earlier this year congress ordered the faa to come up with rules to allow drones to fly broadly over u.s. soil by 2015. they could be used for law enforcement, mon
to the south to campaign in texas top and there's word mitt romney could announce his vp sometime this week. >>> it is far from a sure bet tonight. the maryland governor martin o'malley says there is still a strong possibility he will call for a special session this summer to expand gambling. that expansion could bring a casino to prince george's county specifically the national harbor. o'malley met this morning with montgomery county executive ike leggette and prince george's county executive rushern baker to talk about the plan. >> this has to happen. this is millions of dollars for the state of maryland, millions of dollars for prince george's county and baltimore city. >> governor owe mamie says he won't call a special session -- o'malley says he won't call a special session until he has an agreement from house leaders they will consider expansion. he is set to meet with the house speaker and general assembly president tomorrow. >>> now a story of hope and determination, it's almost impossible for a laurel man with cerebral palsy to maneuver his motorized wheelchair around the house he
to help solidify that defense in texas and back up what is an outstanding pitching staff. >> tim: a musical tribute night here in kansas city with different versions of "kansas city" and a reminder that elvis was the first and only elvis to play in a world series. >> joe: here is the 2-2. the kid in memp >> tim: yeah. >> joe: full count from miley and this crowd wants to see butler hit one more time. runner at first, nobody out. wade miley's 3-2 pitch. might be two. a weird hop. out at second and then no chance. force-out at second base and terry collins is going to come out and make a pitching change. that ovation is not for terry collins, although mets fans would stand and applaud his season this year with the new york mets. the manager takes the ball from miley. hanrahan of the pirates coming in to pitch. picture of us? uh... yeah. thank you! got it. there you go guys. can you get one for me too please... just so i have a copy of it. okay. yeah. you've got to get one more on my camera dude. seriously? sfx: ahhh!! get the ferris wheel in the background. can you do a panoramic
person has died stemming from a horrific crash in south texas. 23 people were packed into one pickup truck when it went off the road and crashed into the trees in san antonio last night. nine people are now in the hospital. a spokesman for customs enforcement says the dead include victims of mexico, honduras and guatemala. >>> absolute chaos in a california neighborhood after anaheim police shot and killed an unarmed man over the weekend. the shooting led to this violent clash between witnesses and police. people threw rocks and bottles at officers and police responded with rubber bullets and pepper spray and arrested five people. >>> another gun scare at a batman movie showing, this man accused of bringing a gun into the theater. that's nothing compared to what police say they found in his car. his sinister excuse coming up on the news edge. >> and police are visiting the death of a maryland woman, why they think she had a long history with her killer at 11:00. if you've been successful, you didn't get there on your own. if you've got a business, you didn't build that. somebody else
-old gordon cowden's family says he was a true texas gentleman 18-year- old alexander boik a recent high school graduate was described as a ball of joy by his friend. his girl friend survived. everyone expected them to get married. 29-year-old jesse childress was a cyberren ises operator. 32-year-old -- cyber series operator. 32-year-old rebecca eckert was described as having a bubbly personality. she worked in customers relations. >> earlier tonight thousands of friends, family and well wishers gathered at the movie theater in aurora for a vigil to remember the 12 lives lost. >>> when we return on the 10:00 the nats try to put a little distance between themselves and the second place braves. >> could they do it? lindsay murphy has the answers next in sports. >> we had a little cooldown today but short lived. guess what? the heat is on. we'll see more air pushing in from the south, hot, human and sticky headed back to the 90 -- humid and sticky headed back to the 90s. i'll have your full forecast later. stay with us. we'll be back after the break. beautiful, for spacious skies, for amber
league to the major leagues a scary moment happened on the field in texas yesterday during the rangers/twins game. [ thunder ] >> that was thunder. it sent the players scrambling into the dugout and then the sky opened up. a huge downpour, rain delay lasting 45 minute. >>> up next tragedy in maryland, new details about the drowning of three children. >> later look at this, a great white shark following a kayaker. we'll hear from him coming up. >> if you see a story we should look into, give us a call 202- 895-3000. send your tips to fox5tips at quick how many devices in your home use the internet? you're still counting aren't you? today we live online and in a few years the number of devices in your home will double. some networks can't handle it, but verizon fios is 100% fiber optic so it's faster and can handle it, and now a revolution in speed is here -- fios quantum speed, more than twice as fast as america has ever seen. to find out more about fios quantum go to call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. real b
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14